Welcome to Black Travel Summit

Create meaningful connections w/ Black professionals, entrepreneurs, and travelers.

About Us

Welcome to the Black Travel Summit Community!

This is the place for you if you're a Black travel entrepreneur, blogger, writer, influencer, content creator, founder or member of an organization, or a traveler looking to become any of the aforementioned or connect with other travelers! We also welcome corporate members who are both POC and non-POC and support our mission. This is a place to network, share ideas, and create connections that can benefit you, your career, and your organization!

The Black Travel Summit hosts year-round events celebrating and educating the tourism industry on Black travel professionals, entrepreneurs and travelers, with an emphasis on the Millennial and Gen Z audience. Entrepreneurs, influencers, advisors and others come together in webinars, mini-summits, and a multi-day annual summit and celebration of the African Diaspora with discussions of our experiences while traveling and future in travel, workshops on engaging with the Black travel community, celebrations of our achievements through an awards gala, and enjoy an environment fostering collaborations with businesses within and outside of the travel industry, with a focus on uplifting Black-owned organizations!

Why You Should Join Us

Join our community to network with other organizations, professionals, and others committed to making diversity the norm in Travel & Tourism. Become a part of our community and take one step closer to scaling your career, create a connection with a potential sponsor/partner, find an opportunity you won't find elsewhere, or work with Black content creators and travel agents!

If you're a POC and starting out, you know how infrequently opportunities come by, and if you're a non-POC, you know how difficult it can be to find a diverse group of people to work with when we are highlighted so little.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to BTS member-only events
  • Earn cash when you become an Ambassador and members you invite sign-up
  • Discounts on Global Summit
  • Discounts on other events
  • Connect & collaborate with Black professionals and corporate members
  • Free access to webinar replays
  • Access to our partner services and offers first
  • Discounts on Exhibitor/Vendor Rates


If you're a travel agent, influencer, content creator, tour operator, or other, joining the Black Travel Summit network is an opportunity to begin or continue scaling your business!

Our mantra is #CollaborationOverCompetition, that's why we tailor made this community for people like you. 

View this community as our table. Everyone here is welcome to take a seat and eat!


If you are just starting your business, don't know where to start, want to learn how to create a side hustle to afford you the opportunity to travel more, or you just want to meet some amazing people to travel with, this community is also for you!

Joining this network will grant you access to those who have already been in your shoes and want to help, those who can help you to start a business or create a side hustle, and gradually, courses to teach you how to brand yourself, invest, or just travel more!


In need of a more diverse marketing campaign, ror oster of collaborators or staff? This is also the place for you!

Connect and collaborate with Black professionals, entrepreneurs and travelers from across the nation and beyond, and become more appealing to consumers from a diverse range of backgrounds by supporting, representing them, and taking action where it's necessary.

Joining this network will also provide you with first dibs on partnership and sponsorship opportunities for Black Travel Summit events! Get seen by ours and our Black travel partners' audiences now.